Thursday, April 22, 2010


The top photo is of a yellow prickly pear cactus flower. The blue rectangle outlines the area I cut out in Photoshop with the marquee tool. I took that rectangle and placed it in the upper left corner of a new page.
I then duplicated it, and flipped it horizontally to create a mirror image. I moved it to the upper right corner of the page. I then took the two sections and rotated them 180°. I then moved them to the bottom of the page to created this simple 4 part pattern. This can then be used as a background for all sorts of other images.
The next image shows this same process used to create an 8 part pattern. The more complex pattern of 24 elements is just a continuation of the same technique. I could go on to 48 part images and so on. I like the 4X6 24 part patterns for most backgrounds, but all sorts of variations are possible.
In my second tutorial blog, I show in more detail how to do this. I am always amazed to watch the patterns emerge from the original image and grow interesting patterns by just adding symmerty. My intention here is to share the fun. There are no limits to the potential this approach offers.

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